I love tools!  Lately it feels like I’ve been on a mission to collect every beading or wire wrapping tool in the retail world. Exaggeration? Absolutely. But I am becoming somewhat of a tool-a-holic.

My friend Pam found these great wire bending pliers at an on-line retail site. (She’s at least as obsessed as I am about tools.) Not only do you need one to bend wire, you need one for each size wire you intend to bend. So I purchased one each for 18ga, 20ga, 21ga and 22ga wires. I’m thinking I may need one for every size wire known to man but for the present I will restrain myself.


These great pliers have brass teeth which have little notches in them for holding the wire in place as you bend it.  As I understand it the brass protects your silver from scratches.  I probably could have made do with chain making pliers but who could resist?  Not me apparently.

After collecting the necessary tools I decided I needed something to hold them.  With my 40% off coupon I went over to Michaels on yet another mission.  I found a great deal on a caddy I thought would work.  I’ll probably need a second one shortly if I go on at the rate I’ve been going.  Michaels  is rapidly becoming one of my favorite places (they’ve upgraded me to gold status).  I now love tool caddy’s as much as I love tools.  I’ve included a photo below.

After all’s said and done, I really appreciate a good tool.


2 thoughts on “Tools

  1. I’m with you on tool and caddy appreciation! Glad to have a fellow wire manipulator to follow and look forward to future posts…….

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